Taste of Portugal in Algarve

Taste of Portugal – information page about cuisine and food in Algarve, Portugal.

Explore the culture and cuisine of Portugal. Begin at Alte where you can enjoy a fantastic breakfast, a great lunch or a tastefully diner.

Alte has a few Pastelarias (fine pastry) where you can enjoy just a cup of coffee, a sandwich, a breakfast or a rich lunch and of course the delicious bolos like pastel de nata, bolinho de amendoa, queijadas, etc.

On the main street and in the streets around the church you will find lots of cafés and restaurants.

There are numerous little cafes, restaurants, to relax at and soak up the tranquility of the village of Alte.

Agua Mel Alte - Algarve

Pastelaria Agua Mel

Pastelaria Agua Mel is cafe to visit. They have lovely views from the back. The orange juice is fantastic and they have a great variety of pastries and cakes. Plus friendly staff – it is definitely worth a visit!

A Cataplana Restaurant Alte Hotel - Algarve

"A Cataplana"

A good restaurant is “A Cataplana”, part of Hotel Alte, peace and quiet, excellent food, stunning views and very friendly, efficient staff.

A Ponte Restaurant Alte - Algarve

A Ponte

Restaurant “A Ponte” on the road N124 has the best local food in Alte, fresh fish, great main courses and delicious local desserts.

More good food

At the end of the village by the fonte is the Pequena Fonte restaurant and nearby are picnic areas by the waterside – ideal for a leisurely lunch with some fresh bread, cheese and a bottle of wine!

In Alte and places around Alte, like Messines, Salir, Benafim, Silves, you can enjoy some local dishes:

Starters are often include spicy sausages (enchidos)- sometimes served flaming, fresh melon with bacon, fresh goats cheeses, marinated carrots and, of course, olives and fresh bread with butter and sardine pate.

Tune steak

Main courses like Galinha cerejada (cherry chicken – so called because of the colour of the chicken), lebre com feijão branco (hare with white beans) as well as some of the more familiar like frango no churrasco (barbecued chicken) and various bacalhau, tune steak and fish dishes.

Desserts – If you haven’t noticed by now, the Portuguese love their cakes and desserts! Pudim de amêndoa (almond pudding); Arroz doce (sweet rice pudding); Bolinhos de massa de amêndoa (little cakes of marzipan) in various shapes like fruits, vegetables, animals and flowers; Bolachas de mel (little honey cakes) and figs stuffed with chocolate or almonds are all typical, of course figs and fresh fruits are normally offered as well!

Taste of Portugal in Algarve

To taste traditional Algarvian seafood, skip the overpriced resort areas and head for a no-frills seafood institution like Silves “Rui Marisqueira”. Order caldeirada de peixe (a hearty fish stew served in a terracotta pot) or cataplana de amêijoas (clams steamed in a copper pan) along with a bottle of vinho verde (young wine), then raise a glass and say ‘Saúde’ (cheers) to the real Algarve.

Pasteis de Bacalhau - Taste of Algarve

Pasteis de Bacalhau

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato - Taste of Algarve

Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato

Mariscada de Sesimbra - Taste of Algarve

Mariscada de Sesimbra

Frango de Churrasco - Taste of Algarve

Frango de Churrasco

Sardinha Assada - Taste of Algarve

Sardinha Assada

Bitoque - Taste of Algarve


Bacalhau à Brás - Taste of Algarve

Bacalhau à Brás

Cataplana - Taste of Algarve


Queijo Serra da Estrela - Taste of Algarve

Queijo Serra da Estrela

Pudim de Laranja - Taste of Algarve

Pudim de Laranja

Pasteleria - Taste of Algarve


Bolinhos do Algarve - Taste of Algarve

Bolinhos do Algarve